About Us

In 2009 DIRD Group created a software department to manage and standardize its huge business activities and maximize productivity. The department was started out with 6 people and gradually increased over time. Its primary objective was to develop an ERP for the group and support their users with well-organized IT infrastructure. Years of continuous development and dedication to work has developed a highly qualified team with an effective and innovative ERP solution. As the continuation of this success in 2013 Raven Systems Ltd has been incorporated as a sister concern of DIRD Group.

Raven Systems Ltd. has a strong team of skilled and experienced IT experts. We provide expert services to customers from startups to large enterprises. Over time we have constantly kept ourselves updated with the current market requirements and latest technological developments ensuring cutting edge and efficient solutions. We focus on providing end-to-end ICT solutions to our customers ensuring quality and reliability. The values we add to this organization help them to achieve a stable platform, global presence and visibility. Finally we explore how technology and services can help peoples and companies address their unique problems and challenges, and realize their potentials, aspirations and dreams.

We have a team of skilled, innovative and passionate developers. We hear out our clients and provide strategic solutions for adding value to their business.

Nabeel Ud Daulah

Founder & Managing Director

Md. Easir Arafat

Senior Manager

Sukanta Basak


Md. Mojammel Haque

Deputy System Architect

Salim Ahmed

Sr. Software Engineer

Md. Anwar Hossain Chowdhury

Project Coordinator

Kuntal Biswas

Sr. Software Engineer

Nigar Sultana Kana

Sr. Software QA Engineer

S. A. Jilani

Software Engineer

Md Kaiser Ahmed

Software Engineer

Rashedul Islam

Software Engineer

Md Ruhul Amin

Software Engineer

Kamrun Nahar Liza

Software Engineer

Rukshana Sultana

Software QA Engineer

Wahida Yeasmin

Software Engineer

Shuvo Sarker

Software Engineer

G. M. Shafiqul Islam

Software Engineer

Fahmida Akter

Jr. Software Engineer

Md Miraj Hossain

Asst. Graphics Designer

Raven Systems Ltd has demonstrated skills and experience in the following areas :







Design Pattern

  • Gang of Four (GOF)
  • Pattern of Enterprise Application Architecture (PEAA)


  • WCF. Web API
  • HTTP Handler

Participative/Coactive Decision Making

Employees who contribute in the decision-making process are treated as important member of the team and consequently we pull out their creativities in terms of development. Involvement keeps employees informed of upcoming technologies and they can be aware of the possible modifications.

Culture of Regular Learning

We have a culture of sharing our knowledge to other team mates on a regular basis. When one of us learns about new things he/she shares it with all of us. We regularly arrange special conference to share new learning and R&D results. This helps us to keep ourselves updated with the new technologies and proceeds to build knowledge based group.

Welcoming Environment and Parties

Even though we have strict work time from 8.30am to 5.30pm our inside environment is very friendly. Any new comer in our team gets friendly environment and cooperation from all of us as we do lots of fun and jokes in workplace. Celebration of birthdays, promotions and other individual occasions makes our bonding strong.

Work Station

Meeting Room

Refreshment Room